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Tonight, New years

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I have no clue what I am doing tonight. I’ve gotten a few offers to go out to clubs and friends houses, but I’m leaning towards cracking open a bottle of wine I bought myself for Christmas (Masi..mmm) and just sit still and sip in the new year in style, quietly by my lonesome.

Last year’s new year celebrations were insane. They were terrible, actually. It was at least a good story, but man, My friend and I were sick as dog’s for days following. What happened is this, around 10 pm, another foreign friend, here from Germany, invited us to a house party. We figured fuck it! and Left our Barfly stools (Opps!) and started walking. Now, we were downtown and the party was in a far neighborhood, which would be about a 20 minute drive. After a few minute of walking down St-Laurent and trying to hail a cab, failing miserably, it started to hail. It was raining, hailing, and mass slush puddles could not be avoided. Mind you, we were not dressed for this at all, cute shoes…short skirts and little blazers. Yet, me persisted, and kept walking on, determined to get to this party. Every cab that went by already had fare in the back and our motivation started to flounder, but we kept walking. Before we knew it we had walked for over an hour and were really far from home. Mind you, at this point we were near deathly cold, wet, our shoes soaked in ice water, with no piece of clothing on our bodies dry. But, we walked…we were determined…or just fucking insane. Of course…the stroke of midnight hits as were waiting in a bus shelter, having given up our journey and not being able to find a taxi. The Bus came after what seemed like forever and we went home, changed and passed the fuck out.

It was one of the best nights of my life.

We never got to where we were going, but we had fun despite all the environmental drawbacks.

So, this year, I’m planning a quiet evening with me, myself and I and my good red friend MASI.

A Funny picture

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Here’s a picture that still makes me giggle. It from back when I obsessively made my hair up every morning and died it all the crazy colors of the rainbow’s without a second thought.

It’s titled ‘I bite’ and the toy…is now retired (insert evil thoughts here…mwhahaha)


no time for some time

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Busy, Busy, Busy.

Funnily, I’ve been busy as hell sleeping. Oh yes, I’ve been partaking in the wonders of shut eye. I had a crazy dream. Indeed. It involved a cute asian girl saying:

‘I make penis Sushi with pussy’.

Weird. sushi

New Eye-Sore

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Sooo, last night I went shopping….ow fun boxing day.

I sure as hell didn’t do the ‘wait in line for hours’ thing (No Thanks!) and I only went to Wal-Mart (ersh…). I went because they’re was one thing I wanted. One thing. An elliptical trainer.

elliptical trainer


I was planning to join a near-by gym in the new year, but when I saw this baby on sale, I figured within 6 months it would pay for itself. The box weighed, I swear, what seemed like a hundred pounds….what a fucking headache getting it up for flights of stairs. Putting it together was even worse. But still, after the mess of Styrofoam and plastic was over…getting on felt good. Funny I don’t want to lose my curves at all…I just want to improve my cardiovascular. In other words I wanna be able to do the nasty for hours and not get tired at all. That, and I’m crossing my fingers that my boobs will get bigger!

Wish me luck for the impossible! (Because it’s such an eye-sore)

Merry Holidays, y’all!

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Yes, indeed. It’s the time of year where I stress out over what to buy my little sister and cousin. But, I have the happy feeling, I’ll strike gold this year with their smiles upon ripping the wrapping paper open like savage beasts.

Happy Holidays to all!yay! gay!

The fierce urgency of now

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I’m horny.

I’m going to what should be a good party tonight, and I’m bloody looking forward to it. It’s a bash sponsored by PENTHOUSE.

I’m looking forward to seeing a bunch of people I haven’t heard from ina long ass while. Maybe, meeting a few peeps.

Good times ahead…speaking of which must get ready.

Until later,



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A Short List of Highly Milla recommended Movies:


-Night Watch (Russia, 2004)

-Behind the Mask:The rise of Leslie Vernon

-But, I’m a cheerleader

-Children of Men

Just to name a few.  I love watching movies, and I LOVE my high speed internet connection. Check em out!