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So, I’m staring a new job tommorow, aka later today. It’s currently almost 5 am, and I can’t sleep. I finished up playing Hotel Dusk room 215 on DS and now find myself here.

I have some awesome news!

I’m going to be camming this coming thursday morning! Yay! It’s been so long since I’ve cammed, I’m really looking forward to it. I have a few new toys I’ve only used once or twice, so it’ll be more then swell to test drive them!

Anyway, I should be there, unless there’s some tragic accident that morning. I’m thinking 11am-noonish

Come check me out!

->->-> <-<-<-

I’m under Mylla…stupid typo…pooey!

See you there!


MIlla Monroe

Milla Monroe


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Girls like em Big

Girls like em Big

I was reading back to the pre-last post and I have a fun update for you!

I did the class and let me tell you, I had fun!

First off, the teacher was some geriatric dude in a green cowboy shirt, piping and all, wearing snake skin boots and smoking on a pipe. No fucking shit. He was only missing a 10 gallan hat and voila! Yosemite Sam in the Flesh.  The class was held at a private community center for the wealthy overlooking the St-Laurence River. It was a beatyful location and I’m happy to report, had a full bar with good fresh coffee at only a dollar a piece! Which, I gulped two down of on the first little break due to the ungodly hour this course was sheduled, 8:30 am on a sunday bloody Sunday. The U2 song, makes so much more sense to me now. Booyah.

So, throughout the class, I was wide eyed asleep, and answered every question Yosemite asked me wrong. I was getting frowns, complete with a look of “You’re a dumb-ass”, but none the less, I tried to concentrate my tired brain, learning about what caliber goes where and realizing just what the Movie title Full Metal Jacket meant. One thing I realize now made me sounds quite like the idiot I am when asleep, is when Yosemite went around the 6 person class asking why we were there. Others said they were there for sport, another as a requirement to be a border Patrol guard. I, on the other hand, answered slyly, “I want to shoot stuff”. Opps.

Anyway, after a comforting lunch by the shore, spending most of the hour staring at the ducks floating by, I went back in the finish the last leg of the class.

Then came Test time. I think there were 50 multiple choice questions, and we all had different versions of the test.

Somehow, I opened it up and every single question was in the vain of “what color is the sky? 1)blue 2)black 3)red 4)green”. For some reason, nothing made much sense 5 minutes prior, but it all came together on the test. I zipped through that bitch so fast, I was on the last page as other had barely turned the first page of their four paged quiz. I stalled on one question for about 4 minutes, not sure quite what to answer. I said fuck it, did an inny minny miny moe, and handed it it to Yosemite. It took me well under 10 minutes and I walked about, as we were instructed to wait until everyone was finished to do our practical test. I gathered my stuff and went into the warm sunshine to light a congratulatory cigarette. I grabbed an ashtray, and adjusted the chair to the outdoor table on the patio and sat down.

Out of nowhere, Yosemite appears. He comes to the table and whispers to me, that the test was perfect minus one question (which at the drop of his last word there, I knew exactly which one he was talking about). He told me, he is not supposed to tell me any of this, as students are only told via letter from the gov. weeks later. He broke the rules and told me I should challenge the other test needed to get my handgun permit.

Basically, in order to shoot handguns, you need to take two classes. One for hunting rifles and safety and the others for handguns and safety. The order of which you take them isn’t a factor and also, if you’ve successfuly completed one of these classes, you can choose to challenge the other class, by just doing the test, hence saving about 35$ in course fees.

So, the class we took was for handguns and Yosemite had me come back to the local to complete the challenge for Rifles. Which I did, and it took me quite the bit longer. There were questions that logic did not apply to and I felt rushed, as by that point there was only one person left in the class doing their test. i did a rush job,  half guessed and didn’t feel very confident as had the teach about me passing the challenge with a breeze. As I handed in my test, Yosemite told me I’d have to wait last to do the practical test, as I was doing handguns and rifles. So, I waited.

When it came to my turn, we started with amunition. He asked me to point out certain ammo and I bombed some of the questions, relating to the rifle cartridges. No worries, it was all good. Onto the handling. I picked up a revolver and Yosemite asked me to prove it safe. No problems, I did a damn fine job.

Point the gun in a safe direction

Remove the cartridges

Observe the chamber

Verify the feeding path

Examine the bore

Booyah!all said word for word with a smile and a twinkle in my eye. I had the oppurtunity to play with all sorts of unloading goodness. Loved it. But the best part, was the rifles. I creamed. Yosemite asked me to demonstrate the correction standing postion for firing a rifle. Mind you, I’ve never handled a firearm in my life, but I picked up that baby like it was an extension of my body. Even Yosemite was impressed. Pick up, pointing the nozzle in a safe direction, and rest the handle on your inner shoulder. Piece of cake. My favorite part? Handling the PUMP ACTION SINGLE BARREL SHOTGUN. I asked yosemite for a minute just to handle it to get comfertable. What I was really doing was imagining myself shooting it rambo style though an exotic forest. Allright.

Oh, another thing I bomber the rifle test. But Teach, sat down with me and explained my mistakes, letting me correct them. Lucky me huh?

One thing I learned (which is a no duh! now):

When hunting (which, I never ever ever plan to do, I could never kill anything) and you find yourself in front of an obstacle you need to climb, which does not permit you to safely bring the gun over with you, what do you do? I though, just put the gun down, climb over and pick it up after. Opps. Apparently, you need to unload that bitch, shit can misfire at the slightest touch. It happens every year he told me. People die, hence why I’ll never hunt (unless of course, there is a zombie apacolypse).

So that was my day, weeks ago. I’m still wainting to get my papers do I can apply for my permit and subsequently, as I so well quoted, shoot some shit.