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Hello from outerspace (or, I’ve been gone so long, I might aswell have traveled to Mars)

Posted in Ramblings with tags , , , on August 1, 2008 by Milla


I had this blog awhile back, and it went great. I even had a high point of 12, 000 + views in a single month. Simply amazing. Then, a few months later, I was offered a censorship-free blog at it’s own(ed) url. I liked posting pictures of myself naked. Sue me. Anyway, I transplanted this blog, all the posts, over 150 of them, hours of writing, tons of photos and the internet ramblings from over a few months, and lugged it all, one by one over to a new server. It was a grueling, and shitty time, as I had to resize every photo and bleh bleh. I could have been doing something more productive, like eating or sleeping.

Alas, this diatribe all leads up to this, why I am posting here, this evening. Basically the new site was great, I could post whatever I wanted. Then one day, I go to login to write about god-knows-what, and bam! My once blog has become a 403 server error message. Okay, I wait a few days, it had happened before, it lasted two days and went back up. A week goes by, not sure what going one at that point, so I give a hoot and holler over at the people that owned it (basically the people that shoot all my content). I was told it would be back up, but they were busy. They said it would have been soon. Another week goes by, and another and another. I call back, now all of a sudden they want to change everything around, a new this and add that. I said it really wasn’t necessary, and they assured me the next day, we’ll chat and it’ll go back up. Fast forward another few weeks, they’re still “busy” and here I am. Back to wordpress. This blog has been good to me, all the features and easy to use everything (I hated the whole server updating bullshit), I’m glad I’m back.

None the less, I have much to catch up on.

Like how all summer I’ve been working a minimum wage job and having a blast! Also, I got an insane sun-burn on my chest in the craziest bib shape, just over my boobs. I died my hair an awesome pink-purple and then black again. I quit smoking (for 10 days…need to quit again) and also decided to never eat fast food again. Also, no soda unless it’s a special occasion. oh, and I started working at a tiny bar a few hours a week (until the end of summer, anyway). Oh, and I might have lost my job yesterday because I was so seething with anger I demanded to leave early (my boss decided to be a pussy-cunt-mutherfucker, and I called him on it).

Anyway, tons of new stuff to talk about. No tittes here, but lots of fun other stuff. Such as; this awesome stencil art I received from a fan. I love it! and if you look closely, there’s a little word near my mouth, KILL!

Milla Monroe Stencil Fan Art

Milla Monroe Stencil Fan Art

So, I’ll see you soon (as in when it’s not who-knows-what-time-it-is-in-the-morning). Kisses and smooches,